Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh Halloween, you will be missed

I was really hoping to get this blog up and running about a month ago, especially since there were a bunch of fun Halloween things going on that I would have liked to share. I guess I was just way too busy with all that fun stuff to get my self organized in the blogshpere. Hopefully I will be able to make up for it next year. But since I'm not quite ready to give up on Halloween yet, I thought I would just re-cap the great moments with a top 10 list and maybe a few pictures.
Top 10 things I like about Halloween
1. Dressing up
2. Halloween decorations
3. Candy apples
4. Jack o'Lanterns
5. Trick or Treating
6. Cupcakes
7. Mr. Halloween
8. Halloween parties
9. Halloween crafting
10 The Sweet and Sinister craft blog

As for the cupcakes, I'm not much of a baker but I sure had fun making these. I figure if I can perfect making the cupcake I'll never have to bake anything else for the duration of my son's childhood. I especially had fun making the colored icing. Next time I might even dye the cake to match, because after all it's all about the aesthetics-- and lots and lots of butter.
Other than them being so cute and fun, I also had an ulterior motive for my cupcakes. Since Zolie may possibly have a peanut/nut allergy and tends to break into hives when he eats cake because of the egg whites (another allergy) we usually have to avoid cake. I stopped by our local health food store a few weeks ago and picked up Cherrybrook kitchen's cake mix and icing mix. The great thing about Cherrybrook is that they are peanut/ nut free, egg free and milk free -- although we don't have to worry about that last one --whew. Your probably wondering how the heck you can make cupcakes without eggs, and to tell you the truth I really don't know how they manage it-- but they also taste really, really good-- actually I think better than Betty Crocker. So this is great for us, because it means our little one can have his cake and eat it too!

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