Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day -- A Flash of Beauty Amongst the Chaos

Happy Valentine's Day, and what a beautiful day it is here in Central Jersey for Valentine's day. I'm sure many couples and family's are out together enjoying this suprisingly spring like weather. Unfortunatly, I'm sitting alone in my living room thinking of ways to pass the time. My little guy is spending the next few days at his grandparents, and my hubby who is only a few yards away from me is out of reach and unavailable as he is currently in the midst of our huge kitchen re-modeling. Thankfully, I have a box of chocolate to keep me company and to help take my mind off the chaos that was once known as my kitchen. Just a few pictures to share of the current state of things.

*My hubby and his buddy shortly after they demoed are entire kitchen.

* The exposed ceiling beams.

* Where my sink used to be.

Our fridge is currently in our dinning room, along with our microwave, our kitchen table and all of the other contents of my kitchen, as well as our new dish washer and a pile of the new cabinets. I can hardle believe there is any free room left in my house at all. I spent all day Thursday cooking so that I could load my fridge with food for us to eat that could easily be warmed up in the microwave-- after that runs out, I'm going to start ordering take out.

I'm not sure which is scarrier, the mess inside my house or the pile of trash, remains of the old kitchen, that is now collecting in our backyard. Luckily we have a local dump that will take most of the trash, but I have no idea how we are going to get it there. OK-I think I need to eat another piece of chocolate right now.

On the bright side, I spent a really enjoyable Valentine's day morning with my little guy at my parent's house. He's just the perfect Valentine! We spent the morning eatings some Valentine's day cupcakes and watching Peter Pan. His grandparents bought him a toy nail gun for a V-day present, which he just loved-- although he's already running around with it as if it's some kind of weapon instead of pretending to build a log cabin or something. Well, in a few years he will be ready to jump into any project that my hubby has going on.

Although things are crazy right now and life is once again turned upside down, I am trying to stay focused on the positive. In a month or two I will have a wonderful new kitchen, that will really help to improve the everyday quality of our lives-- and it's all thanks to my hubby's hard work. In the mean time I still have half a box of chocolates to help me cope with the stress!!

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