Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big News; My Latest Edition to my Etsy Shop

I have some really exciting news that I have been dying to share. Finally a long time wish of mine has been fulfilled, I am now carrying paper crafting supplies in my Etsy shop IndigoWings. I am so happy that I have managed to expand my shop in this way and can't wait to expand it even more to contain additional crafting materials and eventually card kits. But as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day and everything takes baby steps.

I will now be carrying scrap packs of two gcd Studio's paper collections to start; Loverly and Eye Candy. Although each of the collections is very different I think you will find that what they have in common is that they are beautifully made and are of a very high quality. I have definitely bragged about gcd Studio's paper on my blog before, so if your interested check it out here.

Now for the picks;

gcd Studio's Loverly Collection-

gcd Studio's Eye Candy Collection-

I hope you enjoy,

1 comment:

Pink Little Cake said...

Hi Tina, I am glad you are expanding your bussiness, what a beautiful papers, only if I had time to make cards.
See you soon