Friday, October 30, 2009

Take a Walk Through Town with Me...

Small town America is alive and well in my home town, Bordentown City, NJ. It's a tiny little square mile of a town--and so easy to walk, even with a toddler and 6 months into my pregnancy. I especially love to walk through my town at this time of year and take in all of the holiday decorations. This time I decided to take my camera with me...

We are very fortunate to live in a town that really makes Halloween special. I can't wait to take my little guy over to Thomas Street. Every year they shut down the whole street and all the residents take part in making it an unforgettable Halloween experience. One house in particular goes all out and sets up a stage on their front lawn; the show starts at 8! This years theme, Cirque-O-Ween--a fantastical Halloween Circus spook-tacular. Every year they change it up and the whole block gets in on it--some of their previous themes were witches, pirates and aliens--on my! On our walk today I managed to snap a few shots of some of the decorations and got a preview of what to expect on all Hallows eve.

Pre-views of the tonight's Halloween show on Thomas Street

The first place winner in Bordentown's Halloween decorating contest

This is definitely a sight worth checking out. This house has a couple of hundred Jack-O'Lanterns set up and ready to be lit up for Halloween night. I can't wait to see that again, it's amazing! Let's just hope the weather holds out. Hopefully I will be posting pictures of an eventful and festive Halloween sometime on Sunday.

I hope you enjoy,

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