Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Party Time

Wow-what a day we had yesterday! My little guy and myself were party hoping all afternoon.
We started in the afternoon with my little guy's pre-school party. I was one of the class mom's for that so I got to stay and help for the entire party. It was my first chance to see how my little guy interacts with his teachers and fellow class mates. He was so happy to see me in his class room he introduced me to all his friends, "that's my mommy!" It was one of those moments that all of us mom's live for.
I put together a special gift for each of my little guy's teachers. Just a little note pad folio with a special sentiment and a matching pen. They were fun to make and didn't take too much time to do. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to make a few more to list in my Etsy shop soon.

After wrapping up his school holiday party we headed over to our Mom's club party. By this time my little guy was all jacked up on sugar and had not had a nap, so needless to say I was on major meltdown watch.

My little guy was over the moon when Santa made an appearance at the party. He went up to Santa for at least three hugs and then even sat on his lap to tell him once again what he wants for Christmas. After Santa left he turned to me and said, " Oh no, I forgot to give Santa a big hug and a kiss by by." Can't blame the kid, Santa is irresistible.

Well, only two more days until the big day. I hope everyone finds some time to relax and enjoy the season. I'm off to bake gingerbread cookies and cupcakes today-- and then finally, I think I will be able to relax.
I hope you enjoy,

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