Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wedding Card Challenge

If you are interested in a shot at having one of your own card creations published in a magazine then check out the latest challenge over at the Caardvarks blog. They have partnered up with the amazing CARDS magazine and the winner will be featured in one of their publications.

When I saw this challenge I thought why not! I just got this great Congratulations sentiment stamp from Stampin' Up! and I thought this challenge would be a perfect opportunity to put it to use. Also, we have a family wedding coming up in August, and I just found out our children will also be invited which means we will definitely be able to attend. So now that our babysitting issues have been resolved I thought, great--now I can make a card!

Just wanted to share a quick pic with you of yesterday's snow fall. I stuck my head out of our side door to get this picture and that's about as close as I got to the snow. At nine months pregnant I know that my big belly and the slippery side walk should never be introduced. But I must say, as messy as the snow is and will be for the days to come it certainly was a beautiful snow fall.

I hope you enjoy,

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